Dr. Ernest H. Adams
FROM GHETTO TO GHETTO: AN AFRICAN AMERICAN JOURNEY TO JUDAISM      "...now I am part of a Tradition and People that leaves no doubt that I am truly accepted as an ordinary man, a black man, and yes, a Jewish man."

Welcome to my website!
I'm Ernest H. Adams, author of From Ghetto to Ghetto: An African American Journey to Judaism.

My story is a common American story, of determination, hope and chutzpa. It is also America’s story of struggle and perseverance to overcome its morally contradictory birth as a nation.

My book tells the story of overcoming my racial fears; fighting through my deep sense of inadequacy; learning to see my own humanity and intellectual capacity; learning to live in true harmony with myself and recognizing the humanity of whites in general, and Jews in particular. 


Born into a segregated America, I was not provided the human nourishment required for the normative development of my innate intellectual and social capacities. My intellectual self-confidence was bordered by arrogated white supremacy and induced black inferiority. Social relationships were predefined and primarily limited to fellow ghetto dwellers.  


Struggling with and attempting to overcome my accumulated racial and racist thoughts, feelings, and behaviors—including all those in derivative form—is the heart and soul of my story. An ongoing quagmire, I hope an American dialogue, with all Americans, will be kindled about the racial attitudes and judgments that we all possess.


May we all seek to overcome our individual and collective racial attitudes, and gravitate to the light of genuine acceptance and not succumb to the emotional heat that will likely emerge. 


Let us follow President Barack Obama and continue from where he left-off in his now famous speech on race directed to all Americans.