Dr. Ernest H. Adams
FROM GHETTO TO GHETTO: AN AFRICAN AMERICAN JOURNEY TO JUDAISM      "...now I am part of a Tradition and People that leaves no doubt that I am truly accepted as an ordinary man, a black man, and yes, a Jewish man."

From Ghetto to Ghetto: An African American Journey to Judaism




With an original voice and a fresh perspective, From Ghetto to Ghetto: An African American Journey to Judaism, is a memoir by Ernest H. Adams that provides unique insight into our country’s African American, white and Jewish communities. With the keen insight of a trained psychologist, Adams brings to light the strengths, vigor and confines of those communities. The book is a hard hitting, no holds barred story of determination, brotherhood and America’s struggle with race 


Adams lyrically delves into his childhood growing up in a basement apartment in Harlem, spending summers on his grandfather’s North Carolina farm during the Jim Crow era and his coming of age as a student at New York University during the Black Power era.  A law school classmate, Meyer Goldstein, the son of Rabbi Baruch Goldstein, invites Adams to attend his father’s synagogue. He is moved by the universality and beauty of the sermon. The book follows a fascinating journey where Adams unlearns and decouples his own anti-white and anti-Semitic biases and eventually converts to Judaism. In our multi-racial society led by the first African-American president, From Ghetto to Ghetto, adds an original and inspirational outlook to the current dialogue about race and religion.


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