Dr. Ernest H. Adams
FROM GHETTO TO GHETTO: AN AFRICAN AMERICAN JOURNEY TO JUDAISM      "...now I am part of a Tradition and People that leaves no doubt that I am truly accepted as an ordinary man, a black man, and yes, a Jewish man."

From Ghetto to Ghetto: An African American Journey to Judaism

From Ghetto to Ghetto: An African American Journey to Judaism
by Dr. Ernest H. Adams

"I've read about American Jews and I've read about African Americans, but I've never read a book that so brilliantly illuminates these two groups as does Ernest Adams' "From Ghetto to Ghetto." And that is because the author has been an insider in both worlds...Adams sheds important new light on black-Jewish relations, racism and anti-Semitism. This is a fascinating book that has a lesson on every page."

-- Ari L. Goldman, author of "The Search for God at Harvard"

"The depth of Ernest Adams' intellect is matched only by the depth of his heart. Ernest Adams has much to teach us all. His insights are fresh and his emotions always real...there are a lot of important truths in this book. Read it!"

-- Rabbi Joseph Telushkin, author of "Jewish Literacy," and "A Code of Jewish Ethics: volume 1: You Shall Be Holy"

"In the literature about religious conversion and spiritual searching, Ghetto To Ghetto stands out. This is a testament to the polyglot face of American Jewry and indeed of 21st-century America itself."

-- Samuel G. Freedman, author of "Jew Versus Jew" and "Upon This Rock"

"This memoir is by turns heartfelt, humorous, and heartbreaking. It is definitely a must read."

-- Grace Edwards, author of "The Viaduct"

Your presentation on your book at our author forum was very powerful. The participants gained insight into your life, the people who touched you,your challenges and triumphs. We received many, many very positive compliments about the program. I would like to thank you for your wonderful presentation and wisdom. Your time and talent was truly appreciated.

Cheri Kalvort, Program Director, B'nai Torah Congregation

Thank You! for an incredible Shabbat experience!! The students are still talking about it and we all agree that having you here was our most meaningful Milgrom Shabbat ever. We will recommend widely.

Sarah Routman, Director of Hillel, University of Minnesota

From Ghetto to Ghetto meets us at the powerful intersection of race and religion, where few dare to tread, and even fewer go on to write about it.

Ernest Adams felt the fear, took a chance, and did it anyway, and all who read his story are the better for it.

 This text has much to say about the experience and power of crossing boundaries, moving us beyond traditional notions of diversity and difference. It is on my syllabus for our required course on multicultural counseling; I also recommend it to other faculty in African American, Jewish, or cross cultural studies programs in the academy.


Vanessa Alleyne, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Department of Counseling &

Educational Leadership

Montclair State University

Montclair, NJ